Frequently asked questions

What is a tax representative?
A tax representative must necessarily be a Portuguese legal or national resident who lives in Portugal.

How long does it take to obtain a NIF?
The average time frame for obtaining a NIF is 15 working days. However, timing may vary depending on the speed at which the Tax and Customs Authority ( Finanças ) deals with any request.

Is my NIF definitive?
The assigned number is unique and definitive. Your residence status is indicated on your NIF and may be changed as and when your circumstances change. It is important to maintain your residence status correct at all times.

Can I open a Portuguese bank account remotely?
This is what Move to Portugal 101 solution providers will help you to do. Most banks in Portugal prefer you to open an account in person and in the past required you to visit in person. With Covid-19 and subsequent travel restrictions, some banks have made their bank account opening processes more flexible. Move to Portugal 101 works with those solutions.

Can A Foreigner Open A Bank Account In Portugal?
Yes, a prospective resident foreigner, expat, or a non-resident can open a bank account in Portugal. Although it is much easier for an EU member state citizen to open a bank account in Portugal, the country does not apply restrictions on eligibility of banking clients in regards to most countries of origin.

Are foreigners entitled to Portuguese state healthcare?
Once you are a resident in Portugal and make the necessary social security contributions, you are entitled to Portuguese healthcare.

Do I need private insurance if I move to Portugal under the Golden Visa or the D7 Visa?
If you are living in Portugal under the Golden Visa or the D7 Visa you can benefit from the Portugal National Health Service (SNS or Sistema Nacional de Saúde) once you have registered. However, many foreign residents often purchase a private health insurance policy as well.

How good is Portuguese healthcare?
According to the WHO, the Portuguese healthcare system is ranked the 12th best in the world, and is accessible to and by all.

Is long-term rental accommodation easy to find?
No, it is usually very difficult. The rental market operates very differently in the different regions of Portugal and the quality of accommodation can vary considerably. Factors that influence choice include: seasonality, availability of furnished versus unfurnished inventory, budget, pets accepted and start date of a rental.

What should I look out for in a rental?
Ensure that suitable rental contracts are provided, that there is heating for the winter, and that at least a virtual visit is available. Many property portals have outdated information, conflicting pricing or unfair rent and security deposit payment terms. Working with a specialist in this area is essential. Our preferred partners have both regional long-term and winter-let properties (both valid for D7 visa applications as long as at least 6 months) or can search for additional options. Additionally, they provide a lawyer-reviewed bilingual contract template.

I don't know Portugal well enough to decide where to settle. What is the best way to look at options in different areas?
Most people look at social media or some general property portals, in different areas. When agents understand that clients are looking in multiple regions and may not win business, the quality of responses (understandably) decreases. In these situations, make sure you work with a local expert with national coverage. Our preferred partner can work across the entire Portuguese territory, using an exclusive finder model.

What is changing in the Golden Visa program?
The program is ending for residential property in high-density areas (mostly along the Portuguese coast) after the end of 2021. Even then, touristic and commercial real estate will continue to qualify. Low-density areas will remain unaffected.

Why do you not list the service provider names on Move to Portugal 101 ?

For a few reasons including:

  • Flexibility: we reserve the right to change or propose additional solutions if better options arise
  • Costs: by keeping commissions and intermediate fees to zero or a minimum, this is not an advertising site for any of the suppliers
  • Packaged versus "cherry-picking": Move to Portugal 101 aims to provide work for multiple service providers, in a cohesive and coordinated way and by simplifying the process and initial interface for the client
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